What To Wear In Los Angeles

LAblocks is a Los Angeles travel guide for visitors and locals alike. While Southern California is home to many coastal communities, Santa Monica delivers beach, shopping, dining, and culture perhaps more efficiently than any other, in a highly walkable and bikeable package that keeps me and my family coming back. 1. The beach: There might be beaches all over the world, but only in LA can you drive 20 minutes and go from a sometimes semi-nudist beach (Venice) to a Hollywood celeb hotspot (Malibu).

If you're looking for ideas specific to L.A., check out our Top 10 Things to Do in Los Angeles post. Note that while South-Central Los Angeles—now generally referred to as South L.A.—was widely associated with crime in the 1990s, today it ranks safer than both Hollywood and Chinatown based on violent crime statistics.

People think they know Los Angeles, even, sometimes especially, if they've never been: a land of starstruck dreamers, Tinseltown magic, traffic-numbed freeways, silicone-inflated bimbos and jacked-up himbos. According to Travel Bank , LAX has the second highest drive time in the country and is one of the worst airports for transit.

Also, while many other California cities have dedicated left-turn traffic lights at major intersections, allowing for so-called "protected" left turns, most Los Angeles intersections do not have them. The general tipping rate at restaurants is 18%, but some food establishments have included a surcharge on all receipts that takes care of the waiter, so be sure to double-check the final cost of your meal.

I'm the first person to tell people that LA can be a difficult city to visit, but with just a little preplanning and understanding that this city is a car-necessary city, a trip to visit the sights seen on TV can be great. For beach goers, Santa Monica is the spot, while Downtown LA is a better fit for those that prefer a more urban setting.

Let's be honest: Los Angeles isn't a city. Everybody drives in Los Angeles. I intend to arm you with a few practical and useful Los Angeles budget tips so that you can truly get the most out of your time backpacking Los Angeles. Additionally, Amtrak runs a train only along vlog the California coast, connecting to San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

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